Is Hezbollah running out of men to fight Iran's battles?

May 02, 2015

02-05-2015: According to media reports the badly-overstretched Hezbollah may be resorting to using child soldiers to compensate for growing losses in the many battles it is currently engaged in.

The use of child soldiers, even in auxiliary roles, underlines the extent to which the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group is being stretched in its unprecedented deployment throughout the Middle East as part of the spearhead of Iran’s increasingly aggressive foreign policy.

Since officially announcing its active participation in the Syrian civil war in support of the regime of Bashar al-Assad Hezbollah has lost hundreds of fighters, possibly more, in that war alone.

Hezbollah fighters have also been reportedly deployed in Iraq and in Yemen , according to media reports.

One observer commented on the loss of the 15 year old Shamseddine by saying:

"Is Hezbollah running out of men to fight Iran’s war in the Middle East . Iran has a lot more people, why should Lebanese children die for the sake of Iran’s agenda?"
Report and photo of 15-year-old Mashour Masoud Shamseddine (photo credit: NOW Lebanon) from: Ya Libnan -