Assad regime now using African mercenaries

May 01, 2015

01-04-2015: The geographic range of the Tehran-backed foreign mercenaries deployed in Syria to fight for the Assad regime continues to expand, with Souria.Net publishing photographs from rebels in Jisr al Shughour in Idlib province of an African mercenary killed in clashes there. Rebels in the region report that they are now seeing increasing numbers of African fighters alongside the regime’s Shiite mercenaries from Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, with North Korean and Filipino fighters also fighting for Assad.

Revolutionary fighters in Jisr al Shughour who gave Souria.Net the photographs, said that they recovered the bodies of the black African fighters from the scenes of clashes there, adding that regime forces and other supporting mercenaries had troops had also disposed of the bodies of the African fighters killed in fighting in other locations: “Many bodies of African fighters were dumped in the Orontes River, which runs through Jisr al Shughour,” said one rebel fighter.

It seems that Assad is following the strategy used by his fellow, now deceased, dictator Muammar Gadhafi of Libya, who used African mercenaries to fight for him following the uprising there, where they were infamous for breaking into homes and carrying out indiscriminate killing of civilians according to Libyan reports, with the British newspaper The Guardian carrying a report about them in 2011.

Original report (Arabic) from Souria.Net: