Has Assad Really Liberated East Ghouta? - Ahmad Dimashqi

The Assads' pictures at the entrance to a children's playground  in Douma

"All the terrorists have left Douma, the last of their strongholds in eastern Ghouta," announced the official state-run Syrian news agency SANA in 2018, quoting an army spokesperson, who used the term “terrorists” in the regime way to refer to rebels and dissidents. Eastern Ghouta had been "completely eradicated of terrorism," added the spokesman in a statement broadcast on television.

The reality is very different; according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the heavy fighting and devastating bombing in Douma killed more than 1,700 civilians.

Regime-inflicted famine in Madaya continues to claim victims

Jan 05, 2016

Forty thousand people living in the Syrian town of Madaya in Damascus province are reportedly dying from starvation as the world watches in complicit silence, say activists.

The small town, located in the Qalamoun mountain range 40km south of Damascus in an area adjacent to the Lebanese border, has been besieged since July 2015 by Assad's forces, backed by mercenaries from the Tehran-backed Hezbollah militia, who continue to prevent any food or humanitarian aid from reaching residents. .