Iranian militia reinforcements arrive in Quneitra from Damascus

Jan 18, 2021

Iranian regime militias reportedly deployed military reinforcements to Quneitra Governorate in southern Syria on Saturday (January 16, 2021), transferring them from the Syrian capital, Damascus.

According to the local Nabaa news website, reinforcements of the elite forces in the Iranian militia and the affiliated Radwan Brigades arrived in Quneitra from Damascus.

The website added that the reinforcements arrived in groups travelling in convoys of civilian cars and agricultural vehicles, adding that 12 of the militiamen had arrived in the town of Khan Arnabeh, while the destination of the others was unknown.

Elsewhere, the Iranian regime's militias had transferred an electronic surveillance device from the Sijnah neighborhood in the center of Daraa province to the site of the Kharab al-Shashm company on the border with Jordan.

The surveillance device is equipped with a platform that is repositioned from time to time in a hilly area in the valley separating Al-Tha'aliya area and the village of Kharab Al-Shaham near the border west of Daraa.

Iranian militias, including the Lebanese Hezbollah, are spread across most areas of the Daraa governorate, with the leadership reportedly stationed on Hanano Street in the center of Daraa, and in the Al-Olaouh and Al-Hayat Al-Medi building in the National Hospital neighborhood in Daraa al-Mahatta area.

Report and photo from: Baladi News
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