Clashes Between Syrian Regime Army and Iranian Militias Leave Several Dead: Report

Clashes between Syrian regime forces and Iranian militias have reportedly been raging in the Syrian city of Albukamal over the last few days, coinciding with the targeting of a bus transporting members of Assad’s forces in the south of the country.

Umar Al-Ahmad, an IranWire correspondent in Syria, said the clashes between regime forces and Iranian militias in the cities of Albukamal and Al-Mayadeen in the east of the country have resulted in deaths and injuries on both sides, though there were no available figures for the number of deaths and injuries. He said the clashes followed an incident in which regime forces arrested a doctor from the Iranian militias' field hospital on June 11 in the city of Al-Mayadeen near the Al-Tammu district, which is under the control of the militias. The Syrian soldiers refused to release the doctor, despite the Iranian militias' demands for them to do so.

Al-Ahmad indicated that on June 13, Iranian militias attacked and opened fire on one of the regime's military points, leading to a number of injuries on both sides. He said the clashes continue intermittently between the two sides, with the Iranian militias on full alert in the cities of Al-Mayadeen and Albukamal.

Targeting of Syrian Army Bus in Daraa

In a separate incident, the correspondent reported that nine Syrian soldiers were killed and 20 wounded as a result of the bus they were traveling being targeted by unknown persons in the rural area of Daraa in southern Syria.

Al-Ahmad pointed out that an explosive device was planted on the route the bus, which was carrying members of the Fifth Corps supported by Russia, was taking. The dead and wounded were taken to the National Hospital in Daraa and Busra Al-Sham Hospital.

The local Daraa 24 Facebook page posted a video of people in the city of Busra al-Sham demonstrating against the operation, which took place in the town of Kiheel, east of Daraa, and chanting against Iran and Hezbollah.

This is not the first time that members of the Syrian regime have been targeted, as the Daraa governorate continues to witness competition for control between Russia and Iran, which has been played out among local people who have been recruited by both sides. Assassination operations carried out between the two groups have become a frequent occurrence, according to IranWire's correspondent in Daraa, Taym Al-Ahmad.

A previous report by IranWire revealed that pro-Iranian militias arrived in southern Syria on the morning of May 17 to join Syrian regime forces in storming towns in the western Daraa region, including Tafas, Al-Muzayrib, Tal Shihab, Al-Yadouda, Al-Ajami, and Zayzoun.

According to the report, Iranians in the regime's army have insisted on storming the region, represented by the Fourth Division led by Major General Ali Mahmoud, the Al-Ghayth Forces led by Brigadier Ghiath Dallah, the Fifteen Division, the Fifth Division, the Ninth Division, and Air Force Intelligence. In addition, this strategy has been supported by pro-Iranian militias including Syrian Hezbollah, headed by Haj Hashem Al-Qiyadi, who is also a leader in Lebanese Hezbollah, along with the Fatimiyoun Brigade, the Zainabiyoun Brigade, the Radwan Brigade, and local groups comprised of people from the Daraa governorate including the 313 Brigade headed by Wasim Masalmeh, the former leader of the People's Committees.

It is clear that Iran is trying to extend its influence in Daraa and southern Syria to secure strategic depth for the Lebanese Hezbollah militia.

- IranWire