PKK establishes new HQ near Syrian-Turkish border, while US expands Hasaka airbase: report

May 30, 2021

The PKK has reportedly designated the village of Tal Ziwan located on the Qamshli-Al-Qahtaniyah road near the Syrian-Turkish border as the headquarters for PKK leaders coming from Mount Qandil in northern Iraq.

According to the Nedaa Post, the Qasad militias affiliated with the PKK’s US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have imposed a tight security cordon around the Kurdish-majority village where the PKK have carried out major construction work, including creating an underground headquarters and digging a network of tunnels, one of which extends to the city of Qamishli while others lead to border areas, as well as locating a financial centre for the party there.

The so-called ‘Kurdish Workers Party’ has reportedly divided the village into sectors, the most important of which are under strict supervision and security in an area designated for foreign units and those with Turkish origins. According to Nedaa Post sources, this sector is isolated from the others, with entry strictly monitored and solely for PKK personnel.

In related news, the US-backed international coalition forces have begun work on expanding ‘Al-Shaddadi’ airbase in the southern countryside of Hasaka, with Nedaa reporting that the coalition sent a large military convoy from Iraq to the base who brought items including equipment for paving roads, excavation machinery, cement and building materials, in addition to a number of engineers and construction workers.

This move is the second of its kind since the arrival of US President Joe Biden in power. In February, the US forces built a military airport at Al-Omar oilfield east of Deir Al-Zour, and prepared a helipad at Al-Shaddadi base which it is currently working on expanding.

From: Nedaa Post
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