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Bassil calls Syrian refugee exodus a “conspiracy”, proposes racist law against Syrian refugees in Lebanon: report

Jan 05, 2022

Gebran Bassil, the head of Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement, has unveiled proposed legislation which would criminalize any Syrian refugee found working in Lebanon, as well as preventing any Syrian refugee visiting Syria so long as he or she has refugee status Reporting on the proposed new legislation, the Shaam News Network (SNN) explained that it had been issued in relation to racist statements and rules imposed by officials affiliated with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Appeasing Assad for 'Peace' Put the World at Putin's Mercy

Jan 02, 2022

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto today cited Mr. Realpolitik himself, Henry Kissinger, on the dangers of appeasement, quoting from Kissinger's 1957 book, 'A World Restored': “Whenever avoidance of war has been the primary objective of a group of powers, the international system has been at the mercy of its most ruthless member.”

Iran's Regime and Its Promises

Oct 11, 2021

Iran’s regime is playing the same game of ‘jam tomorrow’ promises in the four Arab nations across the region which it claims to control. In Lebanon, where the national power grid has effectively collapsed, Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahia last week vowed that Iran would be building two power stations. The regime in Tehran is also promising to fund reconstruction in Syria, Iraq and Yemen; some observers might suggest this is only fair after it helped fund and help carry out much of the destruction, along with mass displacement and refugee crises, in all three countries.

PKK establishes new HQ near Syrian-Turkish border, while US expands Hasaka airbase: report

May 30, 2021

The PKK has reportedly designated the village of Tal Ziwan located on the Qamshli-Al-Qahtaniyah road near the Syrian-Turkish border as the headquarters for PKK leaders coming from Mount Qandil in northern Iraq.

Iranian militia kills a 12-year-old child in Deir Ezzor for a gallon of diesel

May 01, 2021

Iranian militiamen on Thursday killed 12-year-old Ali Matar, from the city of Quria, south of Al-Mayadeen, which is under the control of the Iranian militias and the Assad regime, as the boy was trying to swim across the Euphrates River.

The local Ain Al-Furat news site reported that the boy was trying to cross the river using a small cork-filled flotation device and pulling a flagon containing 12 liters of diesel which he was bringing to his mother to provide her with the fuel needed for cooking in light of the high fuel prices in regime-controlled areas.

$120 million a month: SDF defector discloses massive revenues from oil sales

Apr 19, 2021

Nidal Ibo, a former financial official in the ‘Autonomous Administration’ in north Syria, whose family, including his wife and children, have been detained by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in an effort to stop him reporting SDF crimes, has revealed information about the organization’s massive financial deals, particularly concerning oil trafficking and the revenues from it.

Coronavirus kills Iranian militia members, east of Aleppo, militia hospital overwhelmed, refusing to receive more cases: report

Apr 15, 2021

Dozens of Iranian regime militia members have reportedly died in the past few days in rural Aleppo from the COVID-19 coronavirus, amid accusations of negligence by the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) regarding high levels of infections among its members and affiliated militias.

Tensions rising as Hezbollah storms regime-run private hospital, kick out Assad’s forces: report

Mar 14, 2021

The town of Qara in the Qalamoun region, in Damascus Countryside Governorate, is reportedly witnessing rising tensions between Assad’s forces and Hezbollah.

According to local activists, the latest hostilities began when Hezbollah fighters stormed the regime-run private Qara Hospital and expelled Assad’s forces from it last week.

Iran-Backed Militias Move Weapons to Daeshi Tunnels in Deir Ezzor: Report

Feb 20, 2021

The Iranian-backed Afghan Fatemiyoun militias in Deir Ezzor have reportedly begun moving their weapons, ammunition, and rockets to underground tunnels previously dug by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), better known by the pejorative term Daesh.

Fascist SSNP demands punishment for “treason” of Arab Christians over supporting US sanctions against Assad

Feb 17, 2021

Lebanon’s far-right Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) has accused prominent Christian figures from Syria and other Arab nations who jointly signed a letter urging US and French Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron to maintain sanctions against the Assad regime of “treason”, calling for them to face legal punishment over the letter.