Rifaat al-Assad, Butcher of Hama, sentenced to four years imprisonment in France

Jun 17, 2020

French judges have sentenced Bashar al-Assad’s uncle, Rifaat al-Assad, the ‘Butcher of Hama’, to four years in prison after convicting him of money laundering and misappropriating Syrian public funds to build up a €90m property empire in France.
The court also ordered the confiscation of Rifaat al-Assad’s assets in France as well as property worth €29m in London.

Assad, 82, a former military commander, was tried in December but was not present in court because of health reasons, his lawyers said. He denied the charges.

Ahmad Hassoun Grand Mufti of Syria threatening Europe and America

Nov 14, 2015

A video from last year after the revolution in Syria had begun showing the Grand Mufti of the country Ahmad Hassoun, who's also a speaker on behalf of the criminal regime, threatening Europe and America with suicide bombers in case they decide to meddle in Syria.
The Grand Mufti represents the way the regime thinks and acts dealing with the revolution and the world; looking at recent events in Syria and yesterday bombing in "Paris" we have no doubt who casing it all.